On Demand Video Streaming becomes the leading technology for effective customer interaction in 2018.

vMix the software that allows you to create professional quality video productions on a PC platform.

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Mobile Friendly Web Design

Mobile Friendly Web Design is going to take a back seat to conversion rates, marketing and content in 2018.

Why you ask do I think that? Two reasons:

SEO on CMS based Mobile sites is more expensive, and just plain harder than on pure html.

And because of website hacking. Hosting companies are simply tired of having endless attacks on form entry fields and back end login pages that are not properly secured. READ MORE

Soft Codec conferencing like webex, zoom skype

Web Conferencing continue to gain market share over traditional Videoconferencing but have they got the edge for more complicated applications?

The go to meeting strategy, skype for business and Zoom just to name a few look very attractive for quick meetings. They require little more than laptops and a user subscription. Most claim to install quick and are simple to run.



Network Connected WorldDeployment of Fibre and Wired High Speed Internet becomes the dominant priority for Northern Communities over the next 10 years.

Both road infrastructure and data need to be developed for all Northwestern Communities. No longer is isolation a benefit

  Micros and Squirrel MaintenanceMicros & Squirrel Maintenance Booms as the hospitality industry manages the ripple effects of the Minimum Wage Increase.