Articles and Editorials listed here and contained on Amik Technology's websites represent the opinion of Amik Technology on various local issues and technology. We welcome the opinions of others and will publish or link to interesting articles related to Information technology in the region.

News about the Northwestern Ontario Technology Association can be found on their website. News related to Amik Technology and The Technology Association as reported by Amik Technology can be found by following the above link.

Amik Technology believes in sharing Information Technology for the betterment of our region. Much of what is posted here is posted to generate discussion with fellow IT people and potential clients. If you see something that you would like to discuss further please call or write Amik Technology.

Index of Articles & Editorials

Reaching Customers - Ideas from Tourism Keys workshop, April 2006

Pay for Use Applications - Think ... Web Based Curriculum Delivery, May 2004 updated March 2006

Buying Links - Buying a link can be money well spent, December 2005

Thunder Bay Business - Amik Technology's Current Economic Growth Initiative, October 2003

Building A Stronger Economy Through Entrepreneurship! - Building trade exports through business partnership, February 2003

Tourism Thunder Bay = Amik Technology? - Amik Technology launching web based business referral site, Oct 2002

It's Magic! - Two way satellite Internet for Neskantaga Education Centre, Sept 2002

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