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Cabling Networking Systems


Walker Florr Boxes

Walker Floor Box

Wiremold floor boxes accepts standard industry sized device plates and industry standard sectional device plates. Allows for quick and flexible installation of both power and communication devices.


Wi-Jack Duo Access Point

Wi-Jack Duo

Compact design fits in a standard single-gang wall outlet

AP profile extends 12 mm from wall

Dual-radio a/b/g support, with internal antennas

Centrally managed thin AP

Secure, integrated 10/100 Ethernet port

Able to function as a dedicated air monitor

Connects to structured cabling with standard 110 termination



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Network Design

Amik's Network Design Services

Our Network Design follows BiCSi's New Telecommunications Distributions Methods. Amik Technology strongly supports the efforts of BiCSi to develop and document standards in the industry. We Network Designalso support the efforts of Environmentalists like Frank Bisbee as he works to identify and resolve issues with abandoned cable and environmental pollutants like lead in PVC wire coatings.

Amik Technology provides high quality, high performance, and environmentally friendly telecommunication design solutions to our clients. Our Network Design experience includes:

Your Managed Cable System used to be just the PC network but you should now include:

  • Power for Electronics and Computers, Filtered Power, and Power Backup
  • Security System Wiring
  • Intercom and Paging Systems
  • Phone System Wiring (Telecommunications Systems)
  • Wireless Network Access Points
  • Fire Alarm System Cabling
  • Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning System Control

It is easy to let every trade take care of their own wiring needs but this lack of planning leads to environmental issues, reduced longevity, messy layout, overfill of trays and risers, and excess costs.

Network systems especially need to allow for change. Businesses and institutions expand and contract with market fluctuation, people relocate, and standards change. Ways of communication, expectations, and the associated costs of communication are changing at a rate that is simply mind boggling!

Today's leading organizations are planning for change. There is a very strong move towards managing building Infrastructure with an eye for minimizing cost and maximizing flexibility related to CHANGE.

networkingIf your hiring an Architectural Firm to construct a new facility consider whether you have the resources to provide detailed network infrastructure design to the architects design team or subcontractors; typically an electrical design draftsman. If the architect is providing the network design evaluate the skills/resources they are providing. If you are not totally confident that you have this area covered, consider hiring an outside network design consultant to provide the necessary design input.

Amik works with Engineering and Architectural Teams to design network infrastructure in support of better business environments.

If you would like to know more about our Network Design services, about Amik Technology, about how this area of the industry is evolving, or how this technology can lead to better buildings and architecture, then contact us. References are available!

Green Storage

Seagate in a recent VAR Channel Webinar talked about their intrepretation of "Greening Your Storage". Seagate says there are two trends in the market these days:

The move from 3.5" down to 2.5 inch drives as the new drives are more material and energy efficient.

The implementation of solid state drives in place of rotating media.

What else was interesting in the seminar ... Serial Attached SCSI (SAS Drives) use them anywhere you would think of putting a Serial ATA (SATA) disk where you want server level reliability instead of tier 3 consumer quality drives.

non-line-of-sight (NLOS) wireless T1/E1/Broadband systems that provides a cost-effective alternative to landline T1/E1 carrier leased circuits.

If you are interested in High Quality, Long Range Wireless (< 80 Kilometers), consider

the Redline Wireless Product Line now available from Amik Technology


Current Issues:

  • To do Gigabit to the desktop, Backbone speeds need to be 10 Gigabit or faster. Laser optimized fibre supports much longer lengths than standard cable. Additionally consider 50 micron over the standard 62.5 micron cable.

    Read more about 10-Gigabit Ethernet

  • Drafting Symbols for Telecommunications Design - The industry needs to develop a standard set of symbols for documenting the design of managed cable systems (networks).

- Richard Dunfee, BICSI Training Program Manager reports:

"There is now an attempt under the new division created by Construction Specifications Institute to create a symbol set for telecommunications. You can look at existing suggestions by visiting Then scroll down to TACS Industry Drawing Symbology."

  • Use of properly designed and installed hanger systems for cable can reduce your long term costs. This article fits into current thinking about managed cable systems. It is important to manage all building cable; data, mechanical system control, security, inter comm, and telephony. Failure to properly plan for upgrades or removal can create environmental issues and long term removal costs.

J-Hook and Cable Tray Benefits Article



"Did you know? Virtually all communications cables manufactured during the past 20+ years had outer jackets made of PVC that contained high levels of LEAD (2-7%)."

How to build a Greener Building... Environmental pollutants are a big area of consideration these days. Contaminants such as lead emerge in the most unusual products. We all take things like data cable for granted. Too often cost and performance are the primary issues considered when purchasing data cable.

Before you cable, have a look at new lead-free PVC and other cable options.

See BOMA's June 2003 updated article on Lead-free PVC

See also May's Article on Structured Health Risks in Cabling Systems

Abandoned Cable Triggers Code Compliance Issues

Houston, we still have a problem



Fiberlogic Dual Wan routers

Supercharge Your Network!

Dual WAN load balancing routers allow you to combine 2 or more different Internet connections.

Get more bandwidth and more reliability with dual source Internet solutions using Cable and DSL!

Xincom Dual Wan Router


PVC Data Cable


Cable Toxicity


New research suggests that Premium Data Cable may have toxic and potentially deadly side effects

Recent research has now identified the potential for FEP (fluorinated ethylene propylene) based data cable, toted to be the premier low combustible cable, may emit a colorless and odorless hydrogen fluoride gas, which becomes hydrofluoric acid in the eyes, nose and throat of the individuals exposed to the gas.

Further experts in the field are suggesting that age old fire safety test methods for rating cable don't look at toxicity but rather focus on smoke.

Thanks to Frank Bisbee @ Wireville for this most recent and interesting cable tip!


Product Review

on VPN's

Looking for a VPN device, This is one great router. I would be happy to configure this device for your office!


December 2002 - Review of Small Business Virtual Private Network (VPN) Technology

Amik Technology reviewed solutions by Cisco, 3Com, LinkSys, D-Link, Novell, and Citrix for the networking of a satellite sales office in Winnipeg MB with a head office site in Thunder Bay.

Issues and conclusion were as follows:

  1. LinkSys could without a doubt create a VPN tunnel between sites, but they claimed not to support Novell, only Windows 2000. If Novell 5 can operate in a pure IP mode then there should be no need to support IPX. If there is no need to support IPX then why won't LinkSys support the platform? This potential need to support the IPX protocol for some connection issues in Novell 5 was a question that we never did resolve. There may be functions like browsing that purely work better when IPX is supported.
  2. Clearly Cisco and 3Com had products that are multi-protocol compliant, yet it seemed like a step backwards to go to an expensive product like these guys offer when we all know that the future of networking is based on the Internet and the IP protocol.
  3. D-Link failed to provide enough information either on the web or via tech support in their marketing material to make a decision as to if they could do the job. In short they seemed to be the poor cousin to LinkSys
  4. What about soft VPN technology? Novell 6 offers integrated VPN software so remote users can connect through the Internet to a head office server. The issue that has held us back is the upgrading of the server. It's a major undertaking, it looks a lot more drastic than slapping on a few hardware VPN boxes and setting up a connection with your browser. Overall it looks like the way to go!

The final solution for this Thunder Bay organization was from Netopia. Amik Technology implemented the Netopia 3300 Series Enterprise VPN router, a wonderful and reliable product. The existing D-Link DI-624 was demoted to a internal wireless gateway.

And yes we did try the 3com office connect vpn router but found that it failed to work properly. We ended up returning that product for a full refund after numerous software upgrades and hours of support.


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