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Amik Technology was established in February 2002 as a PC and server maintenance company servicing Thunder Bay Ontario Canada and some outlaying communities.

Amik's strength is in providing reasonably priced and well experienced contract rate based resources for project work. Owner Ross McCubbin is a senior systems integrator with 18 years experience in providing computer systems support to industry.

Our customer base is comprised of small organizations typically under 20 networked employees. Amik Technology provides end-to-end service in the same fashion that larger businesses would hire a dedicated employee to support. Some of Amik competitors have adopted a fixed monthly support contract method of delivering service but few organizations actually seem to like paying for unused support so Amik has elected to stay on a pay as you go model. This payment model also seems to fit best with capital projects (the deploying of new projects and systems).

Amik's success has come from our friendly personalized service coupled with a good understanding of business and ROI (Return on Investment). We understand that your in business to make money and service a client base. We know your systems need to be up and operational. As a result we structure our services to minimize the impact on yours.

I would like to invite you to learn more about Amik Technology by contacting us or by selecting a link to a more specific business area.

Website Based Marketing Services

Amik Technology started building websites in 1999. Very quickly we identified the area of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as a critical yet not well understood part of website based marketing.

Many companies can improve the quantity and quality of inquiries by designing content with product-line and SEO strategies. If you would like to know more about this area call us or click through to our website design specific information.

Network & Infrastructure Design Services

Amik Technology offers Telecommunications Design and LAN Support. We design building Infrastructure; the managed cable systems (LAN, Phone, Mechanical Systems, and Security) , the Internet access, the server infrastructure, the applications and the rooms or closets that house such systems.

We build solutions for business on data and telecom networks. We are applying Internet Technologies to business processes. Systems such as Mail & Communication Systems, Distributed Inventory Systems, Booking Systems, Asset Management Systems, Distance Learning and Videoconferencing Systems are helping our customers to be more effective. We leverage business through applied technology.

Network and Systems Installation Services

Amik offers adds moves and changes to your cabling infrastructure. You can invite us to quote a specific project or you can hire us on a time and material basis like most of our customers do.

AudioVisual and Videoconferencing Services

Amik Technology offers boardroom, meeting and classroom design services and unlike many firms ,we can offer heating ventilation and air conditioning consulting because of our mechanical technology background.

We supply and install projectors and screens including pole mounts and recessed ceiling mounted hardware. We also supply and install complete videoconferencing systems for rooms from 5 to 100 person capacity.

If you would like to reduce travel costs and or training costs then using these types of systems should be considered.

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