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How Can We Help?


We think it is time you changed computer consultants!


Server Installation & Maintenance ($100 / hour, block time available)

Can't talk to your server, has your computer ground to a halt?

We fix servers fast! We have been repairing Novell and NT based servers since the early 90's. Computer disk crashes, power failures, overheating, and cleaning.

No problem too big or small,

References available...



Computer / Laptop Maintenance ($65 / hour shop rate , Support contracts available)

Computer hardware failures, hardware upgrades, card installation, software installation, virus cleaning, spy ware removal, complete reloads. No job to small or large!

Solid advice based on 25 years experience.

We do house calls, small office, home office PC repair! Pickup and Delivery or on site service; whatever it takes to get you back up and running fast!

Call today and become one of our many satisfied customers.


Network and Phone System Adds Moves Changes (as quoted)

Growing or just moving. We design and implement networks.

We would be pleased to help you make the changes you need.

Don't want us to disrupt the system during the day, no problem! We work evenings and weekends so that production is not compromised.

Are you long distance charges killing you? Have you considered the use of IP Telephony? We would be happy to help you with that new technology. Just call


Router Programming ($95 / hour, block time available)

Frame Relays, VPN Servers, Internet Access Servers, Wireless Access points by Cisco, HP, Engenius, 3Com, D-Link, Linksys ...

Web Site Design/Maintenance ($65 / hour, or as quoted)

Are you looking for a website developer? If so what criteria should you use to select a good website developer? After all website developers aren't all the same, each has their own bend and specialty.

At Amik Technology our specialty is content design, traffic volume and keyword research, and search engine optimization of the content so you get on page 1 in Google. (It's like training sales guys!) Search engines search your content ... the Internet is all about content, your content needs to match search traffic if your are going to be a success! So many people loose sight of this fact as they seek to build the ultimate website.

With 25 year of work experience, ISO 9000, TQM, & Product Line training I can help you sort through the maier of ideas to find content that will draw customers to your site.

Oh and YES we do all that technology stuff and programming to support the content with lots of Photoshop work to make it visually pleasing and targeted to your audience. But please note, even if you have someone who has built your site, why not have us review your content?

To discuss how Amik Technology can assist your organization call Ross McCubbin at 807-475-3196.


Software Programming (from $500 / day)

Amik Technology is continuing to expand into application programming and can provide subcontracted resources for your next project!

We have considerable experience in programming including the ability to lead the design of your programming project.

If your organization is looking for a very good programmer at a reasonable price please inquire.

Database Systems, Phone Systems, Websites, Touch Screen Controllers, PLC's; We can program almost anything you need.

THINK GREEN - SUPPOPT THE NORTH! Amik Technology would be peased to reward you financially for the opportunity to develop exportable skills. Why hire that 1500/day specialist when local resources could provide the same service at a fraction of the cost.


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