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Polycom Video Conferencing Systems


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LCD Projector Lifts from Draper

LCD Projector Lifts


Plenum rated LCD Projector Lifts

Conceal your projector neatly away in the ceiling while not in use. Secure your LCD projector further with the optional key lock on the wall rocker switch!



In the past, you needed a projector and an interactive whiteboard to create an interactive learning environment. Now, you can make almost any wall interactive with the BrightLink 450Wi.

The Polyvision TS620 USB-Enabled Touch Sensitive Interactive Whiteboard brings your existing web resources and software tools to life. By adding class notes, sketches and drawings, it offers teachers a multi-sensory medium for turning every lesson into a dynamic one with practical features that make teaching more efficient.










Enjoy the Benefits of Videoconferencing !

Would you like to save money on travel, or enjoy more time at home but still keep in touch for those important meetings? Are you stuck because of weather but really need to be at a meeting or conference? If so you may be ready for Video Conferencing and Amik Technology can help! We design, supply, and install Video Conferencing Rooms we would be pleased to enable your office or Board Room to bring you face to face with clients and colleagues instantly.

Media Servers and cabling

if your looking for a decent explanation of the different HDMI over cat5e/6 devices and limitations you may want to check out this video, the guy does a pretty good job of telling you about the current options.

Barco Clickshare - Wireless presentation system for standard meetings

ClickShare makes connecting to the meeting room's video system a matter of clicking a button. This one click wonder not only helps the presenter get the presentation on-screen in a second, but it also allows the other people in the meeting to participate more actively. This is done using the unique ClickShare Button, or by installing a simple app to share content from an Android or iOS smartphone or tablet. The result is enhanced meeting efficiency and better decision-making.

HDMI Videoconference Camera Switching Solved

A past client recently approached us with a small list of problems in their HD boardroom videoconference system. The most interesting of the problems was that their Kramer VS-81H HDMI switcher was not doing nice transitions between cameras. In their 4 camera scenario where camera selection and preset locations are triggered by mic gating, their Polycom HDX 8000 was not liking the transitions between camera and was flashing several time during the transitions. The result in a multi-person discussion in the boardroom the far end sites would essentially see non stop flashing camera sync attempts with up to 4 seconds between transitions.

Extron Matrix SwitchersThis client had decided to redevelop their 2003 vintage room in 2009 with the assistance of a competitor of ours but had failed to resolve this little issue over the last 2 years. Our recent work with broadcasting and streaming projects was of great help in solving this problem. Clean fast scaling/switching can only occur if the hardware selected has independent scalers and can control the output independently through scaling so that the camera signal and pc inputs can be synchronized to a consistent output regardless of the input variation. In this particular instance, hats off to Extron here folks they really have a great product in this HDCP-Compliant Scaling Presentation Switcher!

If you have a project in videoconferencing or streaming we would like to help. If your not sure that spending the money on good products and good resources is necessary, remember this example where the client endured more than 2 years of bad videoconferencing! What cost would you put on their lost productivity?

Integrating Broadcast Streaming with Videoconferencing

NewTek Tricaster StudioWhat an amazing year its been at Amik Technology, we have been busy building ground breaking new communication and marketing tools!

In fact October 16 2012 Trinity United Church made the news on CBC, regarding the success we are having at broadcasting church services. We are streaming and are video conferencing during Sunday services, weddings and funerals from a studio and system we installed in 2012.

Minister Randy Boyd went further video conferencing into a National Theology conference at Queens University broadcasted from the studio to a room filled with a totally WOW'd audience who were very interested in how Trinity was addressing multi-site ministry with video technology.

Dr. Larysa Turko also interviewed at Trinity by CBC who is currently doing a PHD in education on videoconferencing as a method of reducing dropout rates in online distributed learning shared words of praise on how our bidirectional technology similarly makes church services come alive through participation of all of the church locations.

Archived streams of the services are available online at

Video Conferencing makes Ontario more efficient!

Ontario Justice uses video conferencing allowing people to appear in court from a large variety of locations including Jail, OPP Detachments, Police Stations, even the Coroners Office or City Morgue.

It's a great application for Video Conferencing explains Ross McCubbin, owner of Amik Technology. This technology has been assisting Ontario Courts to cut travel costs and increase efficiency with relatively simple and cost effective Video Conferencing infrastructure across Northern Ontario.

In the not too recent past a prisoner would need to be transported to the Court accompanied by up to 3 officers and would spend as much as half a day waiting for his 5 minutes in court. This process has been greatly streamlined through the use of videoconferencing.

Integrated and Accessible Multi-Media Equipment
Reduce Travel Costs, Hastle and Risk by adding a video link from your board room
Innovative Solutions For data and video

Room Design Samples (6-10 people)

Travel isn't as glamorous as it used to be! With increased wait times and security it can be downright frustrating. There are important sales and initial project meetings you need to go to but I would like to suggest that there are also many meetings that you could attend through videoconferencing saving you time, money and frustration.

Ever thought of audio conferencing? I agree it's not bad, I have had very effective work meetings using an audio bridge. Videoconferencing is a whole step above audio conferencing, it allows you to get a lot more of what you gain in a face to face meeting (that body language, facial expressions, the ability to notice attention gaps) way better than the phone ever could.

Amik Technology would be pleased to assist your organization with the planning, design, installation and training for your video conferencing facility. We can take care of all the details, supply and install.

If you provide the Room, we will bring it to life!

SMART Board InstallationWith over 12 years of experience in the video conferencing field we have a good understanding of what works and who it will work for.

There have been a tonne of improvements in the videoconferencing technology area. This means it is getting much simpler to operate and more cost effective with the use of the Internet and high speed networks.

Yes, Video Conferencing isn't for everyone.

It represents a moderate investment in technology probably 2-5 business trips. It is also a significant culture change for many organizations. You may wish to try a few conferences by renting local systems like the Innovation Centre's training room or Contact North.

We would be pleased to help you to determine if video conferencing is the right direction for your organization. No cost, no obligation lets sit down and talk about how we could help you do business better with the use of a videoconferencing system.

Booking a Videoconference in Thunder Bay

If you would like to arrange a video conference in Thunder Bay we currently have studio facilities available through Trinity United Church call 807-627-4111 for bookings. We offer HD on a big screen, projection, green screens streaming and much more.

You can video conference at our site or we can provide screens, projectors, LCD's, sound reinforcement, and either fixed or wireless mic's at a location of your choice. We also through partners can provide streaming and session recording. Request a quote today!


About Amik and the Projects we have done ....

Panaboard Installation for Brett ResourcesAs a consulting firm we offer a product independent service that ensures you get the best product for the task, not necessarily the most expensive. We also offer experience in use of the technology which will help you to avoid the pitfalls and system design issues that make some systems cumbersome.

In general Amik does computer technology projects. We implement many different types of technology solutions for many different types of clients. Often we work as an extension of a businesses internal resources. So keep us in mind for that next big project regardless of the exact technology!

Did you know that many larger installations of video conferencing technology required architectural services? Services such as electrical engineering for power and lighting, mechanical engineering for ventilation, acoustics engineering for echo and noise issues, even paint colour and furnishings need to be considered.

An effective implementation of video conferencing will compensate for your investment through reduced travel costs and increase workplace productivity. Many find that their sales effectiveness improves, customer satisfaction increases, and mistakes related to poor communication decrease due to the use of visual communication instead of relying strictly on audio or even worse email.

So what happens to those who don't do their homework?

Failure to properly engineer this type of system , to train and to manage change will result in less effective meetings, which will eventually lead to lack of use of the system. This means that you will fail to meet risk reduction, cost reduction and productivity goals. Yes you will end up stuck with a system that you paid a lot or money for and that nobody uses.

In lesser cases you will fumble around looking technology challenged where programming and proper design could have made operation easier thus allowing you to focus on the tasks at hand ... that customer, that sale, or the information you are trying to exchange.

Student microphones were suspended from the ceiling out of reach of the audience to aviod damage. Based on the vandalism problems in the new Atac building LU should have stayed with the earlier design
System functions are controlled by a Panja AMX touch panel

Video Conferencing Room Design Samples (University Lecture Theatre)

This project involved the retrofit of a large 75 seat lecture theatre at Lakehead University in 2001. The room was a prototype room with the findings of the project being used as input to the design of the ATAC building constructed in 2003.

Lakehead University School of Medicine (2005)

Amik Technology provided equipment installation, cabling, and room layout changes in cooperation with Precision Camera Inc. for the Lakehead University's School of Medicine

This is a multi-purpose room with similar requirements to the French Catholic School Board project completed in 2004.

The system features Polycom Codec, Crestron control technology, Polycom Vortex echo cancellation, SURE wireless mics, VCR, DVD, ELMO Doc Camera, Presentation PC input, and a Sony plasma screen all on a moveable cart.

What's new? From a business stand point the room changes have extended the rooms capacity from about 12 up to about 40 where originally the last 28 people of the 40 received a very marginal video conferencing experience. Technology wise the Extron's MGP 462D supplies 2 images to one wide format projector and allows 2 side by side images instead of the dual screen, dual projector configuration used in the ATAC building lecture theatres.

A new much wider screen was installed on the wall to the right of the podium pictures above and replaces the one on the end wall. Also shown in the above picture is the rooms capability to host presentations directed to a smart board rear projection system (see screen at end of tables).

Note also that the room has a multi purpose element with the use of tables that are moveable and offer flexibility orientation.


Sony PCS-SG50 On Chief Portable Cart

Township of Schreiber (2010)

Amik Technology supplies and installs three video conferencing multimedia systems for the Township of Schreiber's new location in the former Schreiber high school on Alberta Street.

Carts shown above are totally portable and can be disconnected from the wall if required. Eight foot Da-Lite screens and 4500 lumen projectors create an impressive image for either local presentations, distance education, remote training, or meetings.

Utilizing the sites high speed internet connection Schreiber can now communicate and participate with other communities in the North and around the globe via IP videoconferencing.

Transmitting VGA over CAT 5

Sending Video over cat 5 UTP Cable

AV over twisted pair is the transmitting of Audio, Control and Video over UTP cable traditionally associated with networking and telephone systems.

This exciting new solution has really taken the guess work out of getting a clear image onto ceiling mounted projection systems. For more information on this technology please see Extron's Introduction to VGA over UTP


RapidRun Video Cabling System

Video Wall outlets

Wide variety of outlets, HD15, HDMI, RGB and others

VGA projector Cables

Cables from 5 to 100 ft designed to slip through conduit

VGA HD15 Cables

Wide variety of standard leads.

RapidRun is an award-winning interconnect system designed, from the ground up, to evolve with the components of your installation. Featuring an amazing connector technology and incredible flexibility, RapidRun is able to handle whatever signal you need wherever you need it; this versatility allows easy customization of any system.

The RapidRun system consists of three Runners and a collection of Break-Away termination options that function with specific Runners. Two Break-Aways are required for each Runner, one on both ends of the cable. The multiple combination options allow you to customize the system in order to create your desired configuration.



ESC de La Verendrye Video Conferencing Room Design

Below is a room designed primarily for Board Meetings which include 3 regional people from outside Thunder Bay along with a dozen local members, about 4 staff and 10 guests.

Board Room Design Sample


March 2003

Contact North/Contact Nord, Distance Education Network










The video intern - call for pricing

A Review of Contact North/Contact Nord, Distance Education Network's "Emerging Technologies" Conference

Contact North Hosts its 2003 Emerging Technologies Conference at the Valhalla Inn, Thunder B ay February 25-27, 2003.

There were probably 250 participant, question is: What did we see? What should we have seen? and Where do we go from here?

Video Conferencing Technology

Adcom, Duocom, and Wardrop Engineering display some of the current equipment out there for video conferencing.

Adcom displayed a medical cart complete with a high resolution monitor that is used for Telehealth consulting. During a workshop they actually demonstrated a telehealth consultation with their head office staff. This was good at showing the technology in practice but I was expecting to see heavier use of diagnostic tools. It would have been really nice to see a medical supplier with a wide range of diagnostic tools at the conference.

Duocom displayed typical board room videoconferencing systems and smart board technology. They had a Sony plasma video screen that looked pretty sharp one comment though, these are susceptible to burn-in so for static pictures you may wish to pursue LCD technology.


Dr. Catherine Henderson, CIO of Community Services I & IT Cluster spoke on eLearning but the focus was on computers in the curriculum not video conferencing or streaming of lectures. Bottom line computers in the curriculum make students more employable, they are better stimulated learners, and they get better grades. The big gap still seems to be in developing the curriculum so that it embraces the technology. The conclusion from the session was that the world drastically needs more integrators and analysts (the application engineers of the computer trade).

There are currently quite a few Distance Education systems that are now installed in learning centers. Reportedly few are getting rave reviews. In a conversation with Bob Angel, head of CTRC at Lakehead University the common issues seem to be that distance education systems are too complicated. Too many key strokes too much to remember! Lakehead is currently working in partnership with Sony Corporation to resolve some of these areas of complication.

In terms of what we did or didn't see at the conference, nobody really touched on this area. We should have seen vendors talking about the advancements of AMX and Crestron central control units in simplifying use of the technology.

Health, Telehealth

Doctor Ed Brown, Director of the NORTH Network project gave a good talk on the current use of videoconferencing for telehealth consulting. Use of this system is increasing rapidly causing the team to work very hard at scheduling consultations. Interesting to note that this is still a volunteer project and that OHIP is not yet funding this type of medical consult.

The status of eHealth (Electronic Health Records) was presented by Sam Marafioti. While there seemed to be lots of stuff going on in this area the most memorable issue was that Politics associated with Privacy and Security seem to be the major stumbling block in terns of getting projects going. Also the sad attempt that the government did at issuing new health cards is a big issue as eHealth databases need to use the health number as a unique identifier for clients.


RapidRun Opticle

Networks & Bandwidth

Audio and video over IP are really starting to take hold. Customers that use private networks to interoffice communicate are finding videoconferencing and IP telephones are really cost effective communication tools. It is also a really good tool to justify more bandwidth than other business cases might allow.

Satellite Internet is coming along. The problem with Satellite Internet continues to be the restrictions on upload bandwidth. In terms of videoconferencing satellite is still not an option although streaming of video to remote locations is.

The ORION people had a booth and talked about the project. More importantly Lakehead's goal is to maximize use of this big pipe. They are extending offers to local and regional school boards to share the vision, the costs and the benefits. For many there are issues of privacy as the pipe is open to the world where current private networks are viewed secure. The major benefit, something that has been a drawback to video or IP until now, is customers can video conference to anywhere the network reaches rather than being restricted to the limits of their current private network.


A Da-Lite Dealer in Thunder Bay Ontario - Get the best get Da-Lite!

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