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I have come to the conclusion that there are two types of web design packages. The all inclusive silver bullet that comes from a fancy marketing firm and is sold to a customer willing to buy the Rolls Royce solution.

The RR solution includes :

  • Marketing Plan
  • Original Photography
  • Fancy Creative
  • Story boards presented to the client
  • back end modules

All aspects are taken care of for one flat up front price or retainer.

This is great but I have found it does not really fit the real world for the average small business or the developer.

There is a tender model used often especially when public money is involved. The problem with many of the lower budget tendered projects is that the customer is trying to get everything he can for the original fixed price while the supplier is trying to deliver the original scope. From what I have seen these projects always end up with two wounded parties.

What does fit well is rate based development. In the Rate based solution the website developer is a contracted individual providing specialty skills different but similar to hiring a typist or a sheet metal worker. The customer is the project manager or boss and the programmer provides labour and consulting based on his knowledge.

The decision making process becomes quite simple. Look at the samples, talk to some references, read the CV or resume, and most importantly meet with the developer. You need to have a good rapport with your website developer because you will be working quite closely with him.

Price is also quite a bit less stressfull. A contractor should cost you roughly double what a saleried individual might cost. ($30/hr becomes $60/hr)







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