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Partnership Opportunities






Critical to the growth of the technology sector in Northwestern Ontario are partnerships, mentoring and teamwork. Amik Technology is interested in developing partnership model with other small and medium businesses.

We support of the Northwestern Ontario Technology Association as an avenue for businesses to get to know each other in a constructive environment. We are continually looking for other businesses who wish to expand through a shared opportunity / co-marketing model. And we work with mid sized businesses who use subcontracting and outsourcing to handle work flow and resourcing for non core business activities.

Industry, Academic Institutions, and Government need to work in partnership with small-medium business to foster and nurture what is now the life blood of our economic future.

Small Business is now the primary source of new jobs in our economy. This success doesn't however come without the contribution of larger organizations.The process of developing and marketing new products and services can be greatly enhanced by the willingness towards outsourcing of major employers. Amik Technology realizes this relationship. We seek, on an every day basis, the ingredients that will allow us to grow to the next level.

In support of this strategy we perform strategic technology projects at or near cost to reward supporting organizations.

To find out how your organization can enter into a similar mutually beneficial working partnership, contact Ross McCubbin owner of Amik Technology.