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Search Engine Optimization and SEO Tools

Are you overlooking simple cost effective ways to advertise your business? Click here to list your Northern Ontario Event FREE!Welcome to Amik Technology!

We are the busy beavers working hard to build better web based advertising for businesses like Gammondale Farm, Garden Lake Timber, The Landmark Hotel, Dawson Properties Limited, Clow Darling and many more.

We are putting Northern Ontario on the map one business at a time. We can help you market your services on the Internet by attending to the details that make web pages perform better. We specialize in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Content Design. Let us supercharge your web content today!

We work to show your customer having a great time while vacationing at your location.

The success we have had with this technique is phenomenal! Experience Based Marketing really does work and it will change your click through rates overnight!


Get your web site marketing project back on track TODAY!

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At Amik Technology we use and analytical approach.

Information from your web site statistics, from search engine traffic analysis tools, and from keyword analyzers is used to build better marketing text, titles, and links.

Further we monitor the results of your site and viewer behavior eliminating barriers to your success.


Search Engine Optimization - November 2003

Creation of - Revised October 2003

The Basic Steps Involved in Web Page Optimization - December 2002

Creation of - October 2002


Tourism Keys Web Site Development WorkshopAmik Technology just participated in the Tourism Keys webinar; a fantastic hour and a half with Todd Lucier, Tourism Marketing Guru. It's always great comparing strategies and discussing new products and thinking to better reach customers.

December Workshop - What a great informative workshop this was! So many ideas on how to spread information about your business around the Internet, how to manage and cultivate customer relationships and how to focus your customers attention on the messages you want to convey to potential clients.

We also looked at a large number of great free tools that you can use to evaluate your web site success and compare it to competitor web sites.