On Demand Video Streaming is becoming the leading technology for interacting with customers.

Love or hate facebook; you do have to appreciate the trends in communication that they show us. You might get a few likes on a good picture but it's the video content that goes viral, it's the easiest way to show confidence in product knowledge and service.

Have you noticed that when you visit a website wanting to find out about a product that you're gravitating towards the embedded YouTube video content on the site? I know I do! So why aren't you making your own video content yet?

At Amik Technology we specialize in Audio Visual Integration; building recording and broadcasting studios, Integrating Boardroom AV presentation tools and conferencing technology.

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I'm not talking about your dog Daisy playing with the kids on the weekend, I mean professional videos that replace the miles of written product literature that rarely gets read until very late in the sales process if at all.

Hi, I'm Ross McCubbin owner of Amik Technology operating in Thunder Bay Ontario. We are audio and video systems integrators working with Healthcare, Education, Justice and Industry helping Customers make the most of today's AV technology.


Here are just a few of our recent projects focused around outreach and shared resources within the Church environment.

Broadcasting and multisite at St Johns in Marathon Ontario

St John's United Church in Marathon Ontario recently added a studio in their sanctuary for broadcasting Sunday Services and for shared services with St Paul's United in Manitouwadge Ontario.

The rack shown in the back of the picture was staged in Thunder Bay and transported to Marathon for connecting to existing and new peripherals.

Bob Angell (above) provides on-site training following the Amik's installation of the new Church Hub system.


St Paul's United Church in Midland Ontario adopts streaming audio booth at midland united churchthrough vMix and are seeking Congregations interested in shared services.

While St Paul's did do streaming prior to the upgrade, the addition is part of adopting multi-site services in the region and greatly improved the ease of transitions and adding of mixed media.

St Paul's constructed a new broadcast space in their balcony allowing their technical team to better manage audio and video productions for church services.


Video Streaming as St Johns Angilcan on vMix pc platformSt John's Anglican Church in Thunder Bay now runs a studio in their balcony for broadcasting Sunday services.

Video Straming at St Johns Anglican in Thunder Bay

Outreach to Seniors and Snowbirds and making their worship more accessible are just some of the benefits of the new system Amik installed in the Summer of 2017.

This system was based on vMix and runs on a windows PC platform.

Also shown above is extended viewing of the service from the back hall and video cameras located in the hall allow for streaming of other functions within the Church.


Video Streaming on Tricaster 860 platformTrinity United Church in Thunder Bay is now running 2 studios; one based on the Tricaster 860 and one on the Tricaster TC1.

While probably not the first church in North America to implement streaming, they were the first to implement multi-site videoconferencing into regular Sunday services.

We invite you to view archived services and events at Trinity United by clicking the archive viewer to the left.

If you would like more information about this facility, the ministry it has created, our weekly viewership, or a tour of the site please ask as this can be arranged.

Video Streaming at Harbourview Funeral Centre
Harbourview Funeral Centre in Thunder Bay

One of our earlier streaming projects based on the Tricaster 40, a standard definition video system.

All of the above systems are using PTZ cameras that are remote controlled with a joystick controller.