Marketing your products and services on the web

Search Engine Ranking


Preliminary Design of Web Pages

Research your Market and learn phrases to use to attract it

Overture's Search term suggestion tool

Wordtracker search term tool offers competition analysis

Analyze your competitions web sites

Look at the top sites in your key work categories look at their products, keywords, meta tags, title tags, headings, and alt tags.

Link Popularity

Analyze pages for phrases use and anchor text

Compare your pages to the competition look at the words and phrases you use most and compare this to the ones that you want to target.

Meta Tag Analyzer






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How to Expand Your Web Presence

Hi, We are just back from the Tourism Keys Workshop and wanted to share a couple of ideas they thought were fantastic ways to improve your Internet Marketing.

Guides OntarioDid you know that you can take the same information you are developing for your current web site: The same basic text or product line content, the keywords and even some of the images and use them on other web sites to expand the breadth of your marketing?

The best part is that there are several free locations that you can exploit to spread the good news about your products and services. offers free web hosting so that you can share your personality with the world. Their tools are easy to use and you can create a site in hours. has a simple 3 step process that you can use to start blogging in literally minutes. It's as simple as creating an account, naming your blog and picking a template. With a few extra minutes you can customize the template adding your own links and advertisements to the page template.

Spreading the good news about your business is critical in being successful at marketing on the web. Researching keywords is the way you identify streams of traffic that you can tap into. Bloggers write articles on hot topics to draw traffic and use advertising with the blog to channel the traffic to various web sites. You can use the blogging and free web site hosting to do the same.

Buying Links

Being part of a directory that is relevant to your physical location and product line is also of great benefit to your marketing success.

Hunting Guide OntarioIf you have identified traffic through keyword analysis then you could create a web page to pursue that traffic. Sometimes however it is easier to use an existing web site or directory to list your business.

Buying a link can be money well spent. Some directories are expensive but many are very reasonably priced forms of advertising. Lets not forget the work involved in promoting a web page to a page one ranking. Depending on the phrase this may cost lots.

One other consideration and reason for creating additional web sites is that some of the traffic channels may be quite different than your businesses focus. A recent site I created gets 30% of it's traffic from real estate searches yet the site offers apartments. Another offers catering but knows the only relevant traffic is restaurant searches.

Advertising as a restaurant when your a home based catering company is false advertising but advertising on a restaurant site as a catering company is well placed advertising.


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