Marketing your products and services on the web

Search Engine Ranking


Preliminary Design of Web Pages

Research your Market and learn phrases to use to attract it

Overture's Search term suggestion tool

Wordtracker search term tool offers competition analysis

Analyze your competitions web sites

Look at the top sites in your key work categories look at their products, keywords, meta tags, title tags, headings, and alt tags.

Link Popularity

Analyze pages for phrases use and anchor text

Compare your pages to the competition look at the words and phrases you use most and compare this to the ones that you want to target.

Meta Tag Analyzer




Tools To Optimize Web Pages

Hi, We are just back from the Tourism Keys Workshop and wanted to share the great list of tools that we used to collect information for and measure the results of our Web Sites.

These Web Site Promotion Tools can help troubleshoot design elements, help to compare your page against competitor pages, and view how search engines and robots have absorbed your content into their listings. The best thing about most of these web site design tools is that they are free to use!

The tools we looked at were broken into categories based on the design phases of your web site content. Many people write their content before they consider where their Internet Market niches are. This, as more experienced developers have learned, leads to rework. It is also a good reason to consider using a more experienced web site guru to help you build your site.

Search Engine Optimization is the technical term for engineering your web page content to take advantage of known search traffic while avoiding competition. Businesses that incorporate Search Engine Optimization into the Web Site Content Design phase of building their advertising material will be much more successful

Here is an example of a site that we just created using this top down approach.

Step 1 - we did a market analysis and determined that there was traffic and what phrases would draw search traffic.

Step 2 - we decided on our target market, seniors and young families

Step 3 - we built the site

Step 4 - we submitted it and added a few inbound links

Step 5 - we reviewed the stats and performed SEO (Search engine optimization) to fine tune the traffic.

Apartments in Thunder Bay

Step 6 - Step back and smile! 15,000 visitors in 3 months... Wow! And numerous first page rankings ... Bonus!

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