Updated November 2005

Amik Technology's views on Search Engine Optimization

Overwhelming Search Results!

The big question on the web is how to get them.

In September 2002 Ross McCubbin - Amik Technology embarked on a customer driven research project to better understand how to get amazing search results. Search engine placement had become a critical component of success in the web site marketing industry and clients were starting to ask how to improve their searchability.

In the early stages of the development of the Internet web site developers posted index information to search engines or directories like Yahoo. This submitted information was categorized and people sorted through the index based on what the web site owner submitted.

When the Google generation of search engines showed up on the market place they turned the world upside down by using a spider to index and categorize the content automatically. Google's claim to fame was that they would find you the best most relevant content rather than site that sites that wished you to believe they had what you were looking for. The age of the content algorithm was born!

It seems these days that SEO has become a continuous task of figuring out what Google has done with the beloved algorithm then making changes to your web site to best take advantage of the new order of sites. In most recent history this has even become a need to minimize damage associated with these monthly changes.

I can't help but wonder how long it is before some smart soul in the US will design and win a lawsuit for damages caused by the Google generation of formula guru's. How long will it be before insider information affects Google in the same way Microsoft's knowledge of the operating system leveraged their opportunities in the application marketplace.

One very disturbing news thread is the recent allegations that new sites have to go through some sort of probation period before being indexed. There were even recent claims that you can't get a page rank in the first year of operation of your site if it was registered after a certain date (Nov 1, 2005 I think). Is this an old boys club or what?

SO this looks pretty bleak doesn't it! Your on this web site that paints a picture of continuous hard work to position yourself on a slippery slope of declining business. This article is supposed to help you obtain overwhelming search results. This Guy Amik Technology is supposed to be a SEO guru but he hasn't even given you the basic elements of making your site search better.

OK here is a strategy you can follow independent of what the SEO roller coaster is doing. It involves no purchasing of submission services, and no trickery!

The basic elements are as follows:

1/ You need to have a good look at what your product lines are. Once you have identified a couple of Product Lines that you want to sell on the web investigate them.

2/ In your investigation look at how people are searching for your product lines, what words do they use, how often do they use them. From this information you can modify your content to pursue this traffic.

3/ Research how much competition is there out there? Identify the features of the competitions site. (Title, Keywords, Content)

4/ Links are important, use Google's tool bar to identify your competition, their site ranking and any back links that you can also create.

5/ With this research in hand, creating the web page is easy. You have to be more on topic and better linked than your competition.

Suggestion: Design your page submit it to the search engines then wait about 3 months. Once it is properly indexed use a comparison tool like IBP or Web Position Gold to compare you page to the top pages in the category.

6/ Lastly it is important to learn from your mistakes. You need to know who is coming to your site, why they came and how they navigated through your site. Get a good statistics package, it helps a lot!

7/ Don't forget the basics of business. Attract a customer, court them by giving them the information they need to know to make an informed purchase, remove all barriers, and ask for the sale.

Amik Technology provides web site honing service to its customers. You can become one of our customers by phoning us at 807-475-3196. We have very reasonable rates and can provide references of our success.

We can guide you through the process of improving your marketing material, researching market areas and aligning your content to suit.

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