November 2003

Search Engine Optimization

Advertise On The Web? Why?

It's a simple enough question. For some the answers are even pretty clear. Yet when you look at the actions of many businesses, you see that they really don't understand. Somehow the customer is dazzled by the glamour, fails to check the product, perceives something magic will occur, hires an amateur, who knows.

In our view, Web Advertising is all about being found. Knowledge of your product or service has to get into the hands of the potential customer.

Take pretty well any sales brochure and put it on the web. In the beginning nobody sees it. Eventually the client realizes that he needs traffic. Register the brochure in search engines and traffic starts. Down stream the boss says well we have traffic, where is the revenue. Hmmmm... I thought it was all about being found

So this is about where the average IT firm or web development company dies. There is still an need for a marketing specialist. We needed those firms way back when and we need them now. How we get people to buy is a area all of its own!

Make sure your project team includes the right ingredients for success.

Or ...... you could just hire us and let us make sure the bases are covered for you!

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