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Directory of Services in Northwestern Ontario

Amik Technology's Current Economic Growth Initiative

Thunder Bay Business

Amik Technology offers advertising on the third of a suite of websites designed to promote business in the Thunder Bay region.

"Too many businesses are failing to meet their mark in the global economy because they fail to reach their target markets" explains Ross McCubbin developer of this new site. Web based advertising is low cost and provides valuable feedback on viewer activity. From daily visitor stats including navigation reports we can use an analytical approach to tune-up and target your advertising.

The result is better qualified sales leads.

We are happy to discuss this technology with potential customers. Recently we have started offering 6 months free advertising through Welcome Wagon so that new businesses can become familiar with Internet based marketing.

Amik's primary focus has been on the tourism industry. is getting significant traffic these days ( currently 800 visitors monthly ). Additionally we respond to e-mail from potential visitors who are looking for information about local attractions. While our goal is to create a collection of well written ad's, all the must sees and must do's for the area, we try to respond personally to these information requests. Currently all of our revenue is based on ad artwork and annual hosting, but accepting and responding to tourism requests serves two purposes:

  1. It forces us to drive the website development in a direction that satisfies our tourism audience.
  2. While these are not our customers, these are someone's potential customers ... and that leads to prosperity in Northwestern Ontario

For further information please contact Ross McCubbin @ 807-627-4111

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