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July 2002


Submitted to Northwestern Ontario Messenger

It's Magic!

Congratulations go out to The Neskantaga Community and Education Centre as they celebrate the commissioning of a new C-Com Satellite Internet system. With this new technology community members can entertain better Distance Education and Training, Medical and Business Consulting, lower cost Shopping, all possible with this new state of the communication equipment..

When the doors of the school open in 1999 Chief Morris Wapoose said "This is a Proud, Historic moment for the Neskantaga First Nation". Now with this new technology, Neskantaga takes another step forward. We are now able to access the World on a semi-real time basis, Neskantaga people will benefit daily, our kids will learn faster and overall, we'll compete on a National possibly International playing field - it's a global technology solution.

Principal Barry Hansen, claims that the new system will create an easier, more attractive package for recruiting more teachers to the Neskantaga Education Centre, It is possible, that these improvements will keep Neskantaga at the leading edge of a number of education, economic development and technology initiatives into the future to say nothing of the School remaining on the leading edge of technology.

Contract System Administrator Ross McCubbin says that this is not the time to Stop, "With the placement of this new equipment, we can partner with others in the community to bring further technological developments across the entire Spectrum of local business: for example, plans could be carried out to bring Tele-Medicine for consulting with specialists in major centres such as Toronto/Montreal/Chicago thereby increasing the quality of health care in Neskantaga, small improvements in equipment could extend the availability of this new technology to the teacherages, band office, nursing station etc. and Provide world-class communication technology for the community." "The Internet is there all the time ready to go," says McCubbin. Neskantaga was burdened by high long distance costs with the old technology. Now they are free to use it as much as they want without extra costs.

Amik Technology makes people's lives better through implementing higher technology solutions across the Province of Ontario. Their head office is located in Thunder Bay Ontario and the firm is headed up by owner Ross McCubbin. McCubbin formerly worked with IT departments at Cook Engineering, Wardrop Engineering and other IT consulting firms.


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