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WePresent launches exciting new wireless presentation tool that supports mobile devices

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HDBaseT is a connectivity standard for whole-home and commercial distribution of uncompressed ultra-high-definition multimedia content.

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The Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera is compatible with a virtually unlimited number of accessories

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 Does your website pass the mobile friendly test.

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Ahead Of Competition

Experts say that businesses that invest in technology consistently outperform those that aren't. Our core business is integrating communication technologies for people like you. Find out how we can grow your communication strategy.

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Business Development

eWeek February 2, 2004 Page 12 "Everything is going to be Web" Hornbeck said. "You can drive a 20 year old automobile and still find a mechanic who'll fix it, but if you want to stay in the forefront of technology, you have to look at where things are going.

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Effective Video Conferencing Rooms

"An effective implementation of videoconferencing can reduce travel and increase workplace productivity. Failure to properly integrate videoconferencing systems in a facility will result in less effective meetings, lack of use of t

he system, and failure to meet risk reduction, cost reduction and productivity goals."

 Streaming and Broadcast Studio Installation 

For the United Church of Canada Streaming has been both a marketing campaign and an outreach initiative. The deployment of videoconferencing and streaming technology is now considered critical in ensuring their survival.

Streaming unlike word of mouth is a more comfortable way for parishioners to share the good things happening inside a church and share them with a wider audience claims Ross McCubbin; systems integrator. Additionally younger family members who becau

se of work may have relocated can connect with the church community in new ways like Skype TX or Polycom RealPresence. 

Together with videoconferencing we are now able to join isolated smaller communities back together as a larger church and share ministerial resources.

Network and Security CablingInstalling Cable Today 

Network Installation - Amik Technology Installs networks. We provide Add's\Moves\Changes to customer networks and/or installation of  hardware and hardware upgrades. 

Yes, we do Phone and Security Systems Too! We just finished a fantastic Hikvision HD Security Camera system for the Landmark Hotel.

Building Websites & Generating Business From The Internet 

Amik Technology works with businesses to create more effective Internet based marketing. We provide consulting to our customers and assist them to develop, measure and evaluate successful marketing content. We help customers implement ideas that will help them grow through attracting international business. 

Ross McCubbin Owner of Amik Technology admits "Businesses are falling into a trap! Young programmers can create web pages, but businesses should not rely on these programmers as marketing specialist who can create effective advertising." Further Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a separate design service and is as important as making the original page. Think about the differences between building a hotel and filling it with guests. 

Amik's specialty is in applying Internet technology to problems. We correct poorly applied website technology. You can hire us to monitor your statistics and make or recommend changes to your content so that you attract qualified traffic and start to take advantage of Internet base sales opportunities. 

We believe that creating more effective marketing content is critical to our regions economic success. Call us today and we will start this improvement process on your website.

Making the Most Out of Tourism Leads 

 Amik Technology owns and operates several tourism websites for Northwestern Ontario. We believe that the success of our customers, of our region, and of small business will in part come from doing a better job at attracting tourism.

We create advertising that ranks well in the search engines, that looks good, and that is true to the attractions we advertise. Through extensive research on web based tourism activity we have developed a winning strategy.

In the example of hotels, we designed a specific page on the site that targets people searching for accommodation in Thunder Bay. It works, the page gets hits (18,501 visitors in 2015) and forwards lots of traffic to our client web sites.

If you want a slice of the traffic from this popular web site, call today!

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