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Cable Management DesignJune 2006, revised Sept 2008

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Amik Technology has been specifying cable trays for many years but recently we have seen some mistakes that we want to share.

Often the data component of new building construction is the responsibility of the electrical design team and the installation falls on the hands of the electrical contractor.

Much of this can be prevented by retaining a qualified data consultant but many architectural firms and builders have not yet adopted this approach.

This is not a huge problem as long as the project is simple and the design specifies the correct cable tray products.

What can happen is that the electrical contractor actually over designs the cable tray system adding expense and waste by using products more typically used for industrial power distribution.

Wire Basket Cable Tray I have seen Aluminum ladder cable tray with 4 inch aluminum solid sides substituted where a light weight and much more easily wire basket cable tray system will suffice. The expense must have been huge and the labour probably greater to install this product. Further new mounting systems for wire basket greatly reduce the time for installation of data cable support products. Many time this issue is caused by a failure to seek out the correct product until the last minute.

As we continue the trend to bring many more cable systems, (security, intercom, mechanical control, and phone ) into the managed cable it is important that network cable designers and installers become more familiar with new cable management products.

Why is it important you ask, It is important because data systems are far more likely to be updated and changed than Cable Tray Hangersother types of services. Data cable trays have features like side support systems allowing new cable to be added by dropping it into the open side of the tray. Many people don't realize that pulling new cable through existing causes friction and tangling which can easily lead to damage of expensive and sensitive high performance data network cables.

Another growing issue is the need to dispose of obsolete cable. It is no longer allowable to abandon older cable because of environmental issues such as lead in pvc coatings, and fire issues such as low toxicity, low smoke concerns.

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Amik Technology can supply cable tray to most cities in the US and Canada through our suppliers delivery network directly. If you send us a layout drawing (pdf format) we can perform a takeoff for you and develop the material list for your install project.

Send us your drawings and we will send you a quote. If you wish to proceed we will need your credit card info and can ship or arrange a pickup location typically next day.

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