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May 2009

EZ Path FirestoppingManaged Cable Tray Systems

Fire stopping Cable Pass Through

Amik Technology has been specifying cable pathways for many years but recently we have seen some some interesting products and wish to share them with you.

EZ Path ™ Fire Rated Pathway for Floors and Walls
May 2009

The EZ Path Fire Stop System is the absolute greatest invention for running cable through firewall and floors. It works from 0 to 100% fill and requires no twisting or unscrewing. IT Cable Lifecycle Savings from EZ-Path Frestop cable pas throughalso works in retrofit and new construction. This product comes in 3 sizes (1.5", 3", 4") and is gang able and extendable.

The EZ-Path product pays for itself and help you ensure fire safety and compliance. Most buildings start to have their fire stop removed from the day the Building Inspector signs off on the new construction. Putty and pillows are great but they only get put back properly about 4% of the time. In high change cable situations that means you are doomed.

For more information please download the EZ-Path PDF brochure. If you would like a quote on supply or installation of EZ-Path Cable Pass hit Contact Us at the bottom of the page

Wiremold Retrofit FlameStopper™ Thru-Wall/Floor Fitting
April 2007
  • Firestop data cable pass through for wall openingsDesigned for use in either new or retrofit applications. With the use of retrofit kit, FlameStopper can be used to provide fire stopping to existing through-wall/floor cable penetrations or for new installations.
  • Classified to U.S. and Canadian safety standards by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. for use in through-penetration fire stop systems only. Up to four-hour F and T ratings ensures product will maintain the integrity of fire rated walls or floors whether empty, partially filled or fully loaded. See chart on back page or UL Fire Resistance Directory for ratings with specific cables.
  • Low air (smoke) leakage. UL tested with L Ratings from 1.9 to 5.9 cfm (cubic feet per minute).
  • Plenum rated. Tested to UL2043 and determined to be suitable for air handling spaces (plenums).
  • Built-in fire stopping expands with exposure to heat. Engineered for rapid expansion when exposed to fire or high temperatures to quickly seal the pathway and prevent the passage of flames and smoke.
  • Clean, professional installation. Appeals to owners, tenants, and inspection authorities.
  • Easy to inspect. FlameStopper Thru-Wall/Floor Fittings are offered standard in a bright, easy-to-identify powder coat red or G90 finish complete with preprinted label for the installer to fill out prior to inspection approval. From installation to full cable load, the fitting remains fire stopped and compliant.
  • Easy to add or remove cables. Simply adjust the doors to accommodate cables as desired without the need to remove, add, or adjust fire stopping intumescent materials.
  • Retrofit kit for existing installations. A split conduit for installations where no conduit is installed, large fire stopped wall plate for irregular hole penetrations, and a heat shield for existing extended conduit lengths, allow for fire stopping virtually any existing condition without the need for repudding with fire stop material after installation.
  • Mechanical doors provide steel barrier between rooms. Fittings may be pre-installed for anticipated future cabling requirements. Fire ratings are preserved while doors remain closed to block off the opening until cables are installed.
  • Use with any wall thickness. Fittings are shipped in pairs and installed on both sides of a wall fitted with a 2" or 4" piece of trade size EMT conduit.

Need A Quote?

Amik Technology can supply EZ-Path to most cities in the US and Canada through our suppliers delivery network directly. If you send us a layout drawing (pdf format) we can even perform a takeoff for you and develop the material list for your install project.

Send us your drawings and we will send you a quote. If you wish to proceed we will need is Paypal or your credit card info and can ship or arrange a pickup location typically next day.

Cable tray made easy! Get the right stuff, the right mounting materials and fasteners, fast!


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