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Web Services

  • Product Marketability Analysis
  • Competition Analysis
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Keyword Selection
  • Content Design
  • Search Engine Optimization

Affiliate Services

  • Marketing Plan Development
  • Web Based Content Management Tools
  • Professional Photographic Services






Search Engine Optimization - November 2003

Creation of - Revised October 2003

The Basic Steps Involved in WebPage Optimization - December 2002

Creation of - October 2002

Website Design Portfolio

Please have a look at Amik's portfolio of websites but more than that, see how each site searches. Having a website is only effective if people are finding it. You can manually distribute your URL to clients but using the search engines is a much better strategy.

We conduct market surveys to determine where the search traffic is before we build pages. Before you hire an amateur, even a talented graphic artist check out how their work searches.

Search Engine Optimization Services now started for Trans-West Supply in Thunder Bay Ontario

GOOGLE "Jamesbury Valves Ontario"

Apartments for Rent from Dawson Properties Limited

How does Dawson properties search?

MSN "Apartments Thunder Bay"

Website Design Strategy

Traditional Strategy

  1. Create a professional looking website, nice header, good navigation, you supply the content
  2. Customer comes back identifying that they are not getting sales
  3. Computer guy or graphics designer says "I will add meta tags "
  4. Months later still not getting any website performance.
  5. Customer has to go find the right resources. ... Meanwhile 5 years have passed.

Success using the traditional strategy is based on luck.

I especially like looking at the cases where a student was used to design advertising material because he knows how to work the technology. Typically cost is stated as a reason for this approach.

Businesses need to think value not cost when purchasing website design services.

Business owners need to understand that html programming is different than marketing material design.


Amik's Strategy

  1. We review the companies goals and direction. For larger jobs we will assemble a project team, draw up a project outline and assign resources to objectives.
  2. We review marketing plans. If you don't have one, then we create an Internet Marketing Plan to work against. We identify product lines and your target market for each. Often we work with marketing specialists, people that will thoroughly research your product marketing opportunity, to eliminate the guess work from advertising.
  3. We use an analytical approach to establish the main website focus and individual product line focus areas. We analyze search engine results and traffic to find your best opportunities.
  4. With select marketing words and targeted artwork in hand we as a team assemble and publish the designed pages. Have a webmaster already, great, let us direct him towards more effective content.
  5. Using the best available statistics packages we review the effectiveness of the pages. Through an iterative process we tune your pages until they achieve the desired results.

This analytical approach based on solid research and professional design always yields results.

We believe this is the best valued service you can buy. If your business marketing strategy depends on the Internet Marketing, think very carefully about what strategy you choose.

Amik and it's affiliates are prepared to deliver this strategy anywhere in North America.


More Samples

Fishing Adventure Websites

At Amik Technology we design websites, but more than that, we design marketing material. Each of these sites get traffic from people specifically looking for them or their product. The Ramada Landmark Inn site only gets 90 visitors per day, but all of its visitors are looking for a Hotel in Thunder Bay or the Landmark Inn.

Thunder Bay Tourism is a commercial site that offers enhanced services not available from The City Of Thunder Bay's website. Many websites are structured so that your business name and address are displayed in a list. We prefer to create an attractive feature write-up about why your business is special. We now get 25,000 visitors annually. All of our visitors are looking to buy services from Thunder Bay area businesses. It's an effective place to advertise if you want destination based exposure.

At Amik Technology we design effective advertising, not just pretty websites. Our services are marketing services and Ad designs that are based on Statistics and market research of Internet traffic. Our service can be applied to new or existing websites. And yes we do monitor and follow-up to ensure our designs are effective at reaching the target traffic, your statistics will demonstrate our success!



AG Engineering - Electrical Engineers

Dawson Properties Ltd - Apartments and Commercial Properties in Thunder Bay

Landmark Hotel - Thunder Bay

Wabakimi Outfitters

Core Boxes - Garden Lake Timber

Trans-West Supply - Thunder Bay

Fireworks Thunder Bay




More Samples

Tourism Marketing - This project was cancelled
Electrical Engineering Firm in Thunder Bay
Thunder Bay Tourism

Jon-Nelson Photography


Older version of artwork for Thunder Bay Tourism

Charles Wilkins Official Website Draft Artwork
Original Artwork for Paintball Encounters some of our art is still in use here
Distance Education Draft material on Thunder Bay Kids



Northwestern Ontario Technology Association
Clow Darling Limited - Currently Under Construction
Electrical Engineering services from AG Engineering Thunder Bay
Draft Artwork Marketing First Nation Services

Thunder Bay tourism Classifieds

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Chiropractor Thunder Bay Chiropractic
Enerdry Constructors Limited - Metal Fabrication Shop
Far Infrared Saunas and Heaters
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