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Have you discovered Affiliate Programs yet? I have, and I think they are a very interesting way to do business. Just think, you spend all this time trying and energy to build up traffic knowing that only a small portion of the visitors are interested in your exact product. What is all that other traffic supposed to do, just leave?

NO ... don't say good by, get them to click on something that they are interested in!

You cary inventory for your core business. You provide direct service to your core customers. For those customers that are near misses, offer them what they came for. An outfitter can sell camping gear or maps even if it is out of their core business by adding an affiliate link to a supplier who's core business matches the clients needs.

Join the largest affiliate network. It's free, it's easy. 

So where is the catch? Well you have to find good products (Affiliates). People want to buy from good companies, quality sources. This typically takes a lot of shopping in Google for affiliate programs.

Fortunately there are some short cuts to help you get going faster. Linkshare advertised on this page is a service that consolidates hundreds of vendor affiliate programs for you to select from. They document the payment terms and even rank the vendors. They have done a lot of work to build a quality program for web site developers. Check it out see if you agree, I think you will be impressed by their program, I sure was!

Oh! and the best part ... you can make a good margin without any of the headaches of order fulfilment !!!

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