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Amik Technology Expands Into Winnipeg Manitoba
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Ross McCubbin defines Amik's Core Competency at Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We fix websites by designing solid content for our customers. We offer organic search optimization; a process that reviews what it is we are trying to sell and where the traffic lies that will lead to sales. We then plan a strategy for each page on how to get it to be a key performer in your portfolio of web advertising.

We will recommend or make the changes to your web pages so that you gain first page ranking in the major search engines.

Search Engine Optimization could have kept this sailor from starving!Rohn Solecki, based in Winnipeg brings a proven track record in website maintenance, privacy policy writing, Data security, and database programming .

Do you need someone to work on your website that understands the business, that can review your product line marketing strategy and advice you on where best you can take advantage of the web based market. If so you should contact Amik Technology for a free consultation.

If your website collects data from it's visitors then you need to have a Privacy Policy to clearly identify how this data is used. Amik Technology will design your custom privacy policy in accordance with industry recognized standards.

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Who is the 'NEW KID ON THE BLOCK'?

We are not really new claims Ross McCubbin owner of Amik Technology. Seven years ago I was working for Wardrop Technology a Division of Wardrop Engineering. This position brought me to Winnipeg many times and allowed me to work with top programmers in their organization, although website programming has changed a little since those early days!

A major Client Trans-West Supply of Thunder Bay also has offices in Winnipeg. Further Rohn Solecki has been in the community since the early 90's and provided development services for the likes of Manitoba Telephone and Great West Life, not small accounts by any stretch of the imagination.

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