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For 40 years BAM has been passionate about the safety and transport of the best musical instruments in the world.

Musicians appreciate the quality and design of BAM instrument cases. In the musical world, BAM stands for top quality, functional technology and modern design.

BAM's clientele from the world of music represents a group of very cosmopolitan people, for whom traveling is as much a part of their everyday life as making music.

At AMIK TECHNOLOGY we started carrying BAM as part of our goal to offer customized solutions for all kinds of music and video applications.

We invite you to visit to review current selection then contact us for pricing and availability in Canada.

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The Multisite Mini

Designed with true videoconferencing portability in mind! Roll in with Gator's wheeled travel cases, plug in and be conferencing within 5 minutes.

In this Road Case we have combined Cellular Internet, Shure hand held wireless and face microphones along with an included portable PA and mixer give you both local sound and the videoconferencing mic solution.

With this Kit you can connect to a second site or multiple sites and hold a meeting, training, record or stream your event. Add a PC for video or slides with ease.

Integrates with onboard projector and the HDMI connection of any TV. Now you can take your event anywhere or connect to an event from anywhere. Whether it be Education, Training, Court, Healthcare or a Church Service we can get you connected.